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"What is the 'uncorrected eye' that Harry Bauld celebrates? This uncorrected eye, he writes, reveals a world that 'brims, marbles, quivers / over its boundaries, wells.' And that is what his poems do. From his jazz-like improvisations to the whip-like turns in his sonnets, from his 'magic cloud of memory” to the “limping lion of history,' Bauld presents us with a world we thought we knew well. Now, in these beautifully crafted poems, we feel as though we are meeting it for the first time."

– Fred Marchant, author of Said Not Said


Harry Bauld will be reading from The Uncorrected Eye at the following events:

Friday, January 11 at The Putney School, Putney, VT

Wednesday, November 14 6:00 pm at the Columbia University Alumni Center. He will read from his new book, The Uncorrected Eye, alongside poets and Columbia alums Elizabeth Straus (Harry’s daughter) and Kimberly Traube (Harry’s colleague at Horace Mann School.) Tickets are $10 (that and $5 more gets you a signed and inscribed copy of the book); snacks and wine reception follow.

About Harry

Harry Bauld was twice first-team All-Ivy League shortstop at Columbia University. As a freelance journalist he has written articles about sports, the arts, wine, and other topics for various magazines. His poems have won the New Millennium Writings Award and the Milton Kessler Poetry Prize, and appeared in Nimrod, Southern Poetry Review, and Passager (Issue 49) among others. He currently holds the Kulik Chair in English at Horace Mann School in New York.